Self Involved (aquanaut5150) wrote in thesfvscene,
Self Involved

Chelsea Bell - Application

Nickname: Chelsea... no nicknames except for poon pie.... yeah, but we call eachother that. in my group of friends, the word poon pie is a term of endearment.
LJ name: aquanaut5150
Your story: well, it allllllll started in gradeschool when i was made fun of because i was a short ugly kid that had "eyes in her mouth" (which were really canine teeth that were stuck in my gums). culdn't play sports because i have athsma and a low immune system, so i was always the outcast. made me a very cynnical (sp?) person. Then i grew into my skin at a gigantic 5'2", blonde, blue eyed. and in case you're talking about the whole LJ community experiance, 3 of em said i looked like a good looking boy. then they realised, hmm, his name is chelsea...NO.
Why you feel rejected: because i don't unnaturally colored hair, pouty lips, a pale face, or wear lots of cover-up and extreme make-up. also because i'm not so into myself i HAVE TO join a rating community . i mean, it did make me feel ugly for a bit, but then i realized........ all these people are staring at me for a reason. my confidence was built up and i continued along with my life.
Where did you hear this of this community? from the anti_bush community.

i forget the community names.... curlup_and_die is one....
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